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Founder / Chairman’s Message

Greetings in the wonderful grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who gives us the power to live, to move and to have our being.I have fully realized that the secret of achieving one’s desires or dreams, is to delight wholly in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

In 1992 the Word of God spoke very clearly to my wife and me to reach out to the deprived communities in the Philippines with the message of salvation. This vision was not given only for the adults but for children as well because, in order for them to live a life of Christ, their foundation had to be based on His instructions. With this new found zeal, we started our pioneering work in Manapla, Negros Occidental, the Philippines with a partnership with Korean missionaries. As the days passed, a church building was erected and one by one classroom was built to run a school for the children in the community.

For 10 years the school’s operation went well but due to financial challenges the school had to be closed down in 2002 but the church ministry continued to flourish. After some years, I was approached by Mr. Maxwell Ditta of ABC Children’s Aid International to revive the school to provide educational opportunities to the deprived and underprivileged children of the community.

After much deliberation thought and prayer the doors of the school were re-opened under the name of The Light Christian Academy in partnership with ABC Children’s Aid. Today there are 5 pre-schools, 2 elementary schools and 3 high schools in Negros Occidental catering to the needs of over 700 underprivileged children.

Today, as I look back over the years as to how God has been leading us and the future as to what He has in-stored for many more deserving children, all I can say is, Glory be to His Name.

I encourage you to join us as partners, sponsors, supporters, and donors to carry on this wonderful ministry for His children. Let us be assured in God’s word recorded in Philippians 1:6, Being confident of this very thing that He which hath begun a good work, will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

Vicente Y. Oriel


Vicente Y. Oriel


Dolores G. ESperal


Maria C. Oriel


Fairlyn Grace Oriel

Associate Treasurer

Chris B. Alpas

Director, Spiritual Aspects

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Helping Today Helping tomorrow charity