Music Instruments for Binalbagan School

In March 2015 when Hilda Videro and Johannes Johannessen visited the ABC school and projects in the Philippines they witnessed a very interesting presentation by the students in Binalbagan school.

Philippinos by nature are inclined towards music and the students wanted to present a musical item to entertain both Hilda and Johannes. Since the school did not have any real music instruments and the students wanted to perform a play as an orchestra, they used their creativity and made music instruments by using paper and cardboards, as shown in the pictures. The play was a hit because their desire to be musicians touched Hilda’s heart.

After Hilda left for Faroe Islands, she posted these pictures on her face book and tried to pass the word around and told about this need in the school. God works in mysterious ways and He proved this once again when Ingibjoerg Jacobsen saw the pictures and decided to do something about it. Ingibjoerg presented the need to her family and friends and collected funds to buy real music instruments for Binalbagan school.

In March 2016, Ingiboerg visited the schools and projects in the Philippines with Hilda and Harriet and bought a full size keyboard, six guitars, many flutes and a beat box, as shown in the pictures, so that students can learn to play music instruments. Ingiboerg also left some funds with the school for music lessons for the students.

We are so grateful for this generous gift and assure Ingiboerg, her family and friends that these music instruments will be put to good use and full benefit will be given to the students.