March 11 Activities

With all the friendships built during a few days of wonderful activities in which God’s love was shown by the SonShine Mission Team and the teachers and students of The Light Christian Academy, the session to say their goodbyes became so emotional that it was very hard for everyone to contain their tears.

The SonShine Mission team was given necklaces made by the students as a token of appreciation and the management gave certificates of appreciation to all the members of the mission team. The SonShine mission team presented a check of US $ 5,000 to the school to help meet some of the needs of the school.

After lunch the mission team departed for Bacolod where they visited a sister school in the YMCA building and later spent sometime in the Mall to buy small items as souvenirs and gifts for loved ones back home. Everyone ate dinner at the food court before retiring for the night in their hotel.