Ingiboerg Jacobsen’s Reflections

When I was 15 years old, I sponsored a child in the Philippines to receive formal education. From that early age, I had a wish to visit the Philippines. Altogether I have sponsored 5 children for their education, one at a time, for 25 years in Manila through a Norwegian Mission and on top of this I have sponsored the work of Scandinavian Mission in Manila for the last 18 years.

All these years, I had been praying and wishing to visit the beautiful islands of the Philippines and the children and the work I had been sponsoring. Two years ago I had settled that I will never be able to visit the Philippines and that is the time when God brought an opportunity for me to travel to the Philippines with Children’s Aid Faroe Islands. Even after this opportunity came up, I was still seeking for God’s sign to show me that this is the right thing to do. One day I told my husband about my desire to join this mission trip to the Philippines and the following day a missionary left this message on my Facebook, “You are always dwelling in the promises of God in spite of the insecurities that you may feel around yourself. His promises are complete and guarantee security and protection.” After this message, I felt at peace knowing that this is the will of God.

This trip to the Philippines and the projects has strengthened my faith in God and also convinced me that we should never give up on our dreams and in His time He will fulfill our wishes.

It has been a wonderful experience visiting the schools, families, children and their communities in Negros Occidental. Even though these children do not possess a lot of earthly treasures, through out my visit I have felt their love, thankfulness and hospitality. I was impressed to witness how caring, loving and dedicated the teachers are to this wonderful cause and are willing to go the second mile to help these precious children. As a whole I am so inspired and touched by the work this wonderful organization is doing for these deserving children. I am so happy that now I can sponsor two more children attending The Light Christian Academies in Negros Occidental.

A few times, through this trip, I had to pinch myself to really feel that this was a reality and not just a dream. I was received well by the management and the trip was very organized and I felt safe and well taken care of through out my stay. This trip was a combination of holidays and a mission to serve children in this ministry. This way of traveling has added new meaning to tourism for me.

I would encourage everyone, who has an opportunity like this, to take such a trip and get connected with children and communities that will appreciate your presence and at the same time enjoy a few days of holiday activities.