Hilda Videro & Joannes Johannesen Visit ABC Projects in the Philippines

In March 2015, ABC Philippines management, faculty, staff and students were delighted to receive Hilda Videro & Joannes Johannesen as visitors from ABC Faroe Islands. They spent around 10 days visiting all the projects and schools. They also visited communities and families receiving educational assistance from ABC Philippines.

During their visit they attended “Moving Up and Graduation Exercises” in Manapla, Bacolod and Binalbagan schools. Graduates were encouraged by thoughts shared by both Hilda and Joannes.

At the conclusion of their trip they expressed that they were so pleased to have taken this trip and seen first-hand the work ABC Philippines is doing for the underprivileged children. Hilda also mentioned that she would work with ABC Faroe Islands to find sponsors for children as well.

The management of ABC Philippines thanks both Hilda and Joannes for taking time to visit ABC Projects in the Philippines and look forward to another visit soon.