Harriet Poulsen’s Reflections

Here are a few words about my experience of the Philippines in connection to the Children’s Aid, which was the main purpose of the two-week’s trip. Being a teacher made the project extra interesting, as three schools were included in the programme. They were situated in Bacolod, Manapla and Binalbagnan. Even though each school was different from the other in appearance, the structure and the spirit were the same. The dedication and engagement of the teachers, the staff and the parents was admirable to see. Of course, the management of the Children’s Aid in the Philippines is making these schools a possibility, a reality that is having a huge impact on so many lives. It is like a ring in the water that spreads out to multiple rings.

The trip was not all about visiting schools and slums, but also about leisure, which was a convenient and enjoyable balance, as the islands are charmingly beautiful and have so much to offer a visitor. The leisure time was chosen with care and were brilliant. Two different kinds of resorts, a Catholic procession and an island with white sand where you could swim and get a tan. In addition, we had various kinds of massages and a daily swim in the swimming pool of the hotel. What’s more, there are the many different dishes to try out.

Overall, the opportunity to help and to meet the students, the teachers, the staff and the parents will probably be with me as a rich and dear memory. Last, but not least, the magical Philippines and their patient, polite and beautiful people will stay with me forever as a loving memory.