Forest Lake Academy Mission Trip March – 2016

In 2011 Forest Lake Academy’s faculty, staff and students raised funds to build two classrooms in Binalbagan, Philippines. These rooms are being used as classrooms for high school students. After the initial generous donation, Forest Lake Academy (FLA) was not able to reconnect with the school and the community.

It is nice to receive generous donations to help the underprivileged children and communities but it is always better to go a step further to make it possible for the donors to build a relationship with the beneficiaries.

In 2015 the FLA administration and a team of staff members and students decided to reconnect with Binalbagan students and the community and planned a mission trip from March 3 – 13, 2016.

Students, teachers, staff and the community of Binalbagan received the team with open arms and made them feel part of the family with warm smiles and a open heart. Students in this school come from background in which they have been deprived of a normal childhood where basic rights don’t come easy. These children needed to feel that they are loved, cared for and are as precious as any child that comes from a privileged background. Sure, they do not expect or can be given all material gains but this visit assured them that they are valuable and the SonShine Mission Team cares.

Just in a short time the SonShine Mission team showed in action the love of God to the students, teachers and the community members in a very special way. Daily worships were held in small groups and the afternoon activities included home visitations where FLA students prayed with the families and distributed faith building books. Health team visited different communities every day and gave lectures on healthful living and checked vital signs to give advise to the patients.

A lot of arts activities were planned and students were able to tie dye t-shirts, make greeting cards and decorate their own picture frames. At different times of the day, group games were organized to help build new friendships.

The SonShine Mission team has made a positive impact on everyone they interacted with and this will remain in the memories, of all involved, for years to come. To acknowledge the team members the names are given below:

Lucy Fincher (Leader)                                    Fely Ann Rugless (Staff)

Judel Ditta (Staff)                                            Wilhelmne Johanne Etienne (Staff)

Pamela Rose Hile (Staff)                                Floyd Fincher (Staff)

Michael Joshua Baranda (Student)                Jonathan Blake Batchelder (Student)

Tyler Andrew Braithwaite (Student)                Dan Marlo Catangay (Student)

Bailey Kay Dubose (Student)                         Danyla Myrlie Etienne (Student)

Daniel Alberto Gonzales (Student)                 Grant Everett Hagen (Student)

Garren Gordon Miler (Student)                       Jessica Ann Nephew (Student)

Ariana Nicole Nickless (Student)                    Christina Royale Nickless (Student)


To see how this all began, please watch the following slide show and then look at the day by day report and pictures.


A Few Pictures Showing the Following Activities:

March 4 & 5 Activities

March 6 Activities

March 7 Activities

March 8 Activities

March 9 Activities

March 10 Activities

March 11 Activities

March 12 Activities