Binalbagan High School - Overnight Retreat

Binalbagan High School – Overnight Retreat

On January 22 and 23 Binalbagan High School was finally able to hold an overnight retreat for its students and others joining from the adjacent public elementary school. The theme of the retreat was “Building Relationships Towards Self-realization”.

Pr. Chris Alpas was the guest speaker who inspired the students on building relationships with their peers and community members based on Biblical principals. Many team building activities were organized by the school teachers to show the students the importance of working in a team and how each person in a group adds to their strength in facing various challenges.

More than 100 students were divided into four teams distinguished by different colors. Throughout the retreat these groups took care of different tasks and participated in activities as teams.

Before leaving the school premises, many students commented on how useful and beneficial the retreat had been for them. Many felt spiritually uplifted and energized with the concept of team work and realized that every person around them is God’s special and should be valued for his or her God given talents.