Pr. & Mrs. Bobot receive a check of PHH 588,000 from Andreasen family

A Run With A Purpose

It has been close to a year that the Andreasen family from Faroe Islands have been working closely with Pr. & Mrs. Bobot in our Children’s Ministry in Quezon City, Philippines. In the course of their involvement they saw a great need for a permanent location and a building structure to continue and to improve on the services provided to the indigent children in this area.

Pr. Bobot and his family have been serving the underprivileged children of this area for many years in a rented facility. It was in this month, March 2017, that the owner of the building had asked them to vacate the premises and Pr. Bobot and his family were planning to move back to their previous location which was destroyed by a typhoon and had not been rebuilt due to lack of funds.

Looking at the desperate situation, Gudni came up with an idea to run half a marathon for the purpose of raising funds to help Pr. Bobot rebuild this facility. Andreasen family embraced the idea and advertised it to their friends and family in Faroe Islands. As the enthusiasm of support grew in Faroe Islands, financial commitments also started pouring in. At the end of the run, on February 26, 2017, Gudni was able to raise PHH 588,000 for this project.

To complete the project much more funds are needed so if you want to support this cause, you can donate through our website. The completed building structure, which will comprise of three floors, would have a boarding facility, a church and a pastor’s house.

Thank you Gudni for the great run and Jorgen, Hanna & Paetur for their great support.