Dr. Nema Oriel-Comenencia poses for a picture with staff and teachers of the schools in the Philippines

8th Church and School Anniversary and Thanksgiving

On the 14th of February 2016, ABC Philippines celebrated the 8th anniversary of the school and church in Bacolod, Philippines. All the staff and teachers along with parents and other invited guests congratulated the management of ABC Philippines and wished God’s blessings for the coming years and the future of ABC Philippines.

The celebration started with the music team leading out in worship songs followed by special items presented by students, parents and the youth. Pr. Vicente Oriel, chairman of ABC Philippines, delivered a life changing message from the word of God. The theme of the celebration was “Striving for a Better Commitment to a Greater Commission.”

On this occasion we were especially blessed with the presence of Dr. Nema Oriel-Comenencia, chairman of Children’s Aid USA. She enjoyed the celebration service and spoke words of encouragement and after the service spent time talking to parents, students, teachers, staff and guests. We want to thank Dr. Nema for visiting us and want to assure her that she is an inspiration for all of us.

Special thanks to Pr. Chris Alpas and his team for organizing this wonderful celebration.